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Universal Life Church Seminary Program Application


Universal Life ChurchHello. Welcome to the ULC Seminary Program. If you will fill in the requested information below, we will put your name on file as one of our respected seminary students. There is no fee for enrollment.

Please be aware that you are signing up on the Official site of the Universal Life Church Seminary. Our seminary has been in existence since late 2003 and has been on its own since 2004. Course listings, student listings and more will be found by following the links below. The application to be included in the free Seminary Students Only mailings is at the bottom of the page.

Universal Life ChurchYour information will be put on file and you will be given information on how to post it to the website. Your address and email will not, unless you’d like them to be.

Universal Life ChurchGraduation Requirements: Current graduation requirements are 40 credits for an undergraduate 'Master of Ministry' degree and 60 credits for an advanced 'Dr. of Ministry' degree. It takes approximately 10 classes completed to earn the initial number of credits. I'll say again that you don't need to graduate the whole program to get the degrees for the individual classes. Classes are being added regularly. We may offer some elective credit for various courses, but that would be granted on a case by case basis. Our goal is to strengthen the validity of the Universal Life Church through its Seminary.

Universal Life ChurchWhen you complete a class, either by sending in the required written material or when you receive a credential at the end of the program, you may send it in to be entered into your record or you may hold on to all of them and send them all in at once. Please make copies for your own records, as sometimes things do get lost in the mail.

Universal Life ChurchUpon successful completion of all the required courses and your chosen elective courses, you will be mailed a beautiful diploma and will be entered on the Seminary Graduate Page of the site. We look forward to working with you and helping forward your spiritual growth.

Universal Life ChurchThe course by course tuition is only a fraction of many other schools thus bringing religiously-oriented advanced study within the reach of millions world wide!

Universal Life ChurchAll you need is internet access via your PC, IPhone, Ipad or Internet TV to PC or game consoles. Most of our students, in two years of well-disciplined use of their spare time have earned both class by class degrees* and step through the seminary process to seminary graduation*. Course offerings range from Wiccan/Pagan studies to Christian Bible study, from Biblical Egyptology to the nuts and bolts of Spirituality. We add new courses added about every quarter. ULC offers free on-line ordination, which is accepted in all 50 states, whether you are an active student or not. The ULC Seminary has been found to be the on-line study and personal enrichment solution for many people worldwide since it first opened its cyber doors in 2004.

Universal Life ChurchWhat we've created is a two-tiered system. Normally, people go through seminary, then upon completion of the required program, they graduate and become ordained ministers. Since our church is set up differently, our seminary needs to be set up differently as well. The ULC Seminary's position is that we believe in sharing information and providing as much training as possible. We also recognize that not everyone has the ready funds to take classes, but still has a thirst for knowledge.

Universal Life ChurchTo respond to this need, we invite people to sign up for the program for free. By filling out the application, you will be added to the database and will in effect be creating your initial transcript. Once accepted, you will receive uplifting and educational emails every two weeks. These emails will have course samples, opportunities for receiving seminary credits at no cost to yourself and many other either uplifting or educational things. This part of the program is absolutely free and is a gift from the Seminary to create a stronger sense of community and belonging and to help provide some spiritual nourishment to those who thirst for it. Signing up for the program means that you get the communication, but does not carry any degrees or credits on is own. Those by-weekly emails are just an extra. We added them in part because people would say, "I signed up. Now what?" By getting the regular communication, it's almost like having a guidance counselor to help you pick classes and see where your interests lie. You also get some extra info that others don't have access to, just for signing up. Membership does have its privileges.Universal Life Church

         The second part of the program consists of various paid courses which offer both degrees upon their completion as well as course credits. You can take one or two courses just for the degrees and the knowledge or you can continue on to take more courses to finally graduate from the seminary. Each course is sent via email, some with a book and some with CDs for meditation.

Universal Life ChurchWe also have a list of graduates page. This can be found at SEMINARY GRADUATES. We would love to be able to put your name up there as well! To read about the seminary from a student's perspective, go to Seminary Letter.

The Seminary is free to join and offers online degrees.

Universal Life ChurchEach of the classes presented will be assigned a certain number of credits. If you have previously ordered one of the classes, a receipt for purchase, pix of your holding it or whatever you can provide will suffice. We keep a record of each course completed on your transcript, which we update regularly. You don't need to join the program to take the classes and taking the classes in no way obligates you to take any more.

Universal Life ChurchWe have also been approved, through the state of California, to grant degrees for each of the courses we offer. (Due to budget cuts, that division has been closed, but the approval, under the religion exemption, still stands.) We only offer degrees for current courses through the seminary and not for courses completed previously through another seminary or through headquarters. The courses offered through headquarters are completely different than the ones offered through the ULC Seminary. Our courses are at least 20 weeks long and all require final approval of a submitted essay.

Universal Life ChurchThe Universal Life Church Seminary is in the process of creating its online seminary program. We are continuing to add online degree classes which will help you in your ministerial training. If you have any suggestions for classes or would like to share any of your knowledge on any of the topics, please send an e-mail to amy@ulcseminary.org.Universal Life Church

        We are adding new classes regularly. For feedback about the classes, see the seminary section on our forum. Please feel free to join the forum discussions and share your own experiences. We value all of your input. For any questions not answered here, go to Seminary FAQs for further answers.

Universal Life Church* The State of California Dept of Post Secondary education has sadly been disbanded due to budget cuts BUT the ULC Seminary maintains and has expanded its originally approved programs and standards and thus is permitted to continue to issue degrees (under the Religious Exemption Clause) to students that properly complete its courses. The ULC Seminary degree acceptance is up to the reviewer's discretion and is NOT implied or advertised or considered to be the same as a 'regionally accredited' college credits, or applicable to occupations requiring secular professional credits and licensing.

 Universal Life ChurchHowever, it is a fact that many graduates pastor their own churches and offer church and volunteer services and facilitate religious study programs. Many ULC graduates have been ordained by other recognized church heads in addition to ULC!  Many students with an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited schools have found the ULC Seminary graduation a worthwhile adjunct to their accredited college credentials.

 Universal Life ChurchThe ULC Seminary is a private and independent non-secular school offering self-enrichment religious oriented studies in that it does not accept Federal grants and funding assistance with Federal strings attached. The ULC Seminary does not discriminate in accepting students regardless of nationality, international citizenship, race, creed, or affiliation with any other religion or discipline.

ULC Seminary Staff.

Seminary Courses - This page has a list of courses, credits, descriptions and samples of all the courses available, along with a direct link for where to sign up for each course. You will also find them listed in the store.
Seminary Students - Here is a partial list of our seminary students. Not all students wish to be listed. There is a special blog and blog address we use to list the students, which you will be sent once you sign up. It's not required you be listed to be a student.
Seminary Graduates - This page lists the graduates of both the Seminary Program and the Chaplaincy Program. If you have graduated and are not listed, please let me know, as I do get behind and I occasionally forget to update things. Course Essays - Once you finish a course, you will be required to write an essay in order to receive your degree. Our blog is full of essays written by our ministers, as well as stories of why people became ordained and occasionally a few kind words.
Chaplaincy Program - The Chaplaincy Program is a separate program from the Seminary program, although all courses you take during the Chaplaincy count towards seminary graduation. Click for more information. Discussion Forum - This is where our ministers get together to talk about their courses, beliefs, share ceremonies and stories of their ministries. It's a great place to meet some ministers and see what being a ULC minister is all about.
Student Letter - This is a letter from one of our seminary student graduates who want to talk about what it is to be a seminary student and what it is to be a minister. If you're not yet sure you are ready to take the step, hear from someone else who has. Minister Training - This section has a huge section all its own about different things ministers should know about conducting weddings and funerals, counseling, demons and other interesting information that will help you become a better minister.
FAQs - This is a wide selection of frequently asked questions about the Seminary, being a minister in general, and many pages about some of the many religions in the world and of our ministers. Your ministering abilities will be enhanced by knowing about the beliefs of others. About Us - The ULC Seminary has been around since 2004 and is affiliated with the real, original Universal Life Church in Modesto, CA. To understand the differences between the various ULCs, which had a split in 2006 and another change in 2009 or so, go to Change of Site for a video and more information.

Below is the Application to become a Seminary student.  You will also be subscribed to the ULC Newsletter and special mailings that go to ULC Seminary students only.  You may unsubscribe from any of the mailings at any time, using the unsubscribe link that will be included with each email.  There is no charge or fee for enrollment and you may withdraw at any time.

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