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Cheap Bride
This happened at my own wedding.  It is now one of my most treasured memories.  After my darling groom got up and made his speech (he has a very fierce stutter and we had 100 guests, so I was very proud - he said it so smoothly) he asked that my mum and dad come up to the front as he had a very special present for them.  he handed them a big box and asked them to open it in front of everyone.


They ripped off the lovely paper to find inside - a used VCR.  When we first started dating, my Dad's VCR broke.  My groom happened to have the exact same one, so he offered it as a loan to Dad until he got a new one.  My smart-alec father replied "how about we do a fair trade - I get the VCR and you can keep my daughter?"  He thought it was a very funny joke, eventually got a new VCR and returned groom's.

Fast forward 2 years to the wedding day, and the deal was kept.  He got the VCR and my groom got me.

Now it's a running family joke that I was a cheap bride....

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