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Series of Unfortunate Events
ULC Seminary
Two months before, the florist canceled. Two weeks before, the limo company canceled. Three days before the wedding, the Best Man sent my hubby an email saying he was not coming. The limo company I found got lost and was unable to find me on the day of my wedding. They had my cell number, but instead called the church and left a message with our priest. 
He then handed a note to my husband saying the limo driver could not find me. I found the Limo and made it to my wedding. My poor husband was sweating bullets that I might not show up! The groomsmen showed up- LATE and stumbling drunk! 
After the wedding we find they had hit a car in the parking lot! At the reception one of them fell into the cake BEFORE we cut it. It was a complete nightmare and to make it even worse my husband ended up a little tipsy and decided to be a bit "friendly" with one of my bridesmaids!
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