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We were married in Vegas. We are geeks, so we booked our wedding online. We wanted everyone to join us, but knew not everyone would be able to travel to Vegas. So, we found "The Little White Chapel" which had a wedding web cam in the church. It wasn't a live stream, but took snaps about every minute. We even booked Elvis online! We sent out the wedding invitations via email and gave everyone the URL for the wedding cam so they could join us remotely. 

If they were going to join us in Vegas the dress code for the wedding was "Big Dog" attire. You would have to wear a t-shirt or some other "Big Dog" apparel. My dress had Big Dogs all over it and the groom had a Big Dog bow tie and cummerbund. Most guests wore a Big Dog t-shirt and loved the fact that it was so informal. 
For the rehearsal dinner, we took everyone to King Arthur's court where we ate our dinner with our fingers and watched a jousting match. 
Elvis was late arriving at the church and everyone said it's because he was dead :) We ended up filling the church and it was standing room only. While we waited for Elvis, someone had the idea to start a "wave" for the folks at home that couldn't make it to Vegas. So we started to do the wave and would pause for the wedding cam to snap a shot then change to the next wave position and waited for the cam again. We kept doing that until the wave was complete. The folks watching remotely said they knew exactly what we were doing and thought it was a riot! There was no audio, so I called work from my cell phone and had someone hold it during the ceremony so they could hear what was going on. There were about 50 people at work watching our wedding - they even brought a wedding cake! 
Our wedding was enjoyed remotely by friends and family across the country and about 40 joined us in Vegas!!! After the ceremony, we had everyone back to our 2 bedroom resort suite for champagne and finger foods. For the folks that couldn't make it to Vegas, we had a reception at home after we returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii. MANY people commented that they had more fun at our wedding than any other wedding they had ever been to. People are still talking about it!!! Did I mention this wedding HAD to have been the easiest and most stress free wedding to plan??? Also, the wedding costs were very low, which enable us to spend more on our honeymoon!
-Vicki G. NY
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