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The Living Candle in Your Soul


Pass on the Faith.

Pass on the love.

From the One that is above.


Pass on the peace.

Pass on the soul.

Of the One who loves us all.


Pass on the pledge.

Pass on the light.

Before you say goodnight.

and pass the lighted candle in your soul.



You better light the candle,

that lives inside you heart.

You only need the match stick

of the One and Living God.

And when you look into you life

I hope you’ll take a toll.

and pass the living candle in your soul.


Pass on the heart.

Pass on the trust.

to every one of us.


Pass on the life.

Pass on the word.

To those who haven't  heard.


Pass on your light.

Pass on release.

and help some one believe.

and pass the lighted candle in your soul. (Chorus)



There’s a window in your heart, 

to let the Spirit in.

Put the candle in the window,

and let the love begin.

For you know that you are lost,

if your caught up in your sin.

so light the candle in the window of your soul.
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