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What is this Nation?


What is this Nation, that we call home,

Is it a song we sing so loud and clear,

Is it a flag we hail flying proud and free,

Or is it the hearts of its people, free from fear?


This Nation, my home these many years,

Is more than the people in power,

That led this Nation through times good and bad,

Oh no, my man, this Nation over this does tower.


This Nation, the greatest history has seen,

Is more than a flag that flies proud and true,

A flag we have honored and fought for,

Oh no, my friend, it is more than red, white, and blue.


This Nation, teaming from shore to shore,
Is more than the song we proudly sing,
A song penned by a patriot so long ago,
Oh no, dear reader, more loudly it does ring.


This Nation, with people so diverse,
Is more than the sum of all its’ parts,
For all its’ people come from distant shores,
Oh no, my people, it’s true meaning is in our hearts.


So what is this Nation we call home,
It is for all the people living here to say,
For this nation is one people united,
Oh yes, dear world, it is the great and proud USA.


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