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The Gospel of Thomas is a fascinating document. It is not a story gospel but a collection of 114 sayings of Jesus. A few can be found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, but most were previously unknown. Thomas introduces it as the “mystery teachings of Jesus” and that is just what they are. There are many ways these sayings can be interpreted.

I have spent many years studding them and applying them to my life. This course is the fruit of my labor. Although I dare say others who have worked with the gospel probably have found other meanings in them. That is the nature of then and why they are called “mystery teachings.” This gospel is within the scope of what is called, “Gnostic,” Greek for knowledge, but more specifically spiritual knowledge.

The Gnostic temple is a large one. There is room in it for many gods and goddesses. More factually for the many faces of one God. The one Jesus referred to as Father. In this course I lay out a smorgasbord of ideas and concepts before the students. The primary purpose is to help them start thinking beyond what is currently fashionable and taken as factual about Jesus and his mission.

The student is free to pick and choose among the tidbits on this table that they might want to explore in more depth. To this end I include references to some of my source material.

You will find this course contains a frank and positive discussion of first century sexuality and sexual relations between males in that time. It also offers a look at the sex magic that was active in the early centuries of the Jesus movement before it was banned as heresy by the Christian church. I am letting you know this up front so you may avoid any embarrassment these subjects might cause you.

I use this quote from the church father, Clement of Alexandria, as the opening line to the course, “Not all truth is meant for all men.” (and women) This is the philosophy throughout the course. 


Take what you want and leave the rest or be a glutton and try to consume it all.


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