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Hello.This is the page for Inspirational Stories. We'd like to hear from YOU about your experiences. If you have a story that you've read on the internet that made you cry or a story about someone you know (or you, yourself) that inspired you or others, this is a great place to share it. We, as minister in the Universal Life Church, grow and learn through interaction with other ministers. Let's interact!

Any story you'd like to share is welcome and will be considered for addition. Submitting a story to us at stories@ulcseminary.org and we will not only get your name in print, but we will also serve to validate your press pass, if you own one.

Wedding Stories - For those who have done weddings, you know that there are a lot of crazy things that can happen at weddings. Here is a collection of stories, submitted by our ministers, of wedding ceremonies they've performed, things they've learned and other things that will make you laugh. Inspirational Stories - Some stories that you hear about or read are enough to make you want to cry. They get you all choked up and make you want to share it on your FB wall. Those are stories that we have collected here and continue to share.
Fellowship Stories - Fellowship stories are stories from ministers about how their ceremonies, sermons, events, etc. have gone. Any stories from your ministry that would help educate, inform, or amuse our ministers is a good story to share. Commentary Stories - These are other stories from people who have heard them, found on the internet, or perhaps experienced themselves. Great stories that share a little information.
Minister Stories - This unique section has stories of a variety of types from our ministers. Some are stories of weddings, some are of funerals and some are collected from the internet and will make you weep. Still, a good collection. Email me to add your own. Poetry - So many of our ministers are creative, interesting, and deeply spiritual. Many write and share poetry with me, and I turn around and wish to share it with you. We have a whole blog devoted to poetry from our ministers. Please feel free to share them with others, use them in your ceremonies and enjoy them.
Discussion Forum - This is our discussion forum where our minister share the ceremonies they have used, tell stories of their events and share tips and advice about their experiences. Minister Training - From this section, you can learn a whole variety of things like how to conduct weddings, how to perform funerals, and will have questions answered about how to be the best minister you know how to be.
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