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An essay By John Hightower

This life is a journey that we come into. Wicca is a facet of life, and is as known by many, a well worn path. I've studied many paths of Wicca. And I find the roots to a very large tree. This tree is a lot like the kingdom of heaven that Jesus describes in the four gospels. Paraphrasing him in a sense, " many branches, one root."

This course has offered me a sense of newness. Or a refreshing rain that makes us feel better after a long dry season. A fresh start so to say. I've found new information, and not only that, but a grounded reality to my path in life. It is good to have good training. And something that says, you know what you are talking about. Yes, we know a lot of people in the Wiccan community know what they are talking about. But to have the resources, training , and certification to verify it, can take a lot more than what it is worth. I've found this course to be just that. Good training, and worth it.

Like I've said earlier it's given me a new perspective. But it's given me a renewed faith in what I have known Wicca to be. A faith in not only in the Goddess, but having faith that the Gods still give us a type of punishment for mis-use of magic. I've never read in anyone's else's teachings that the Gods punish, except for my own. Ethics upon the use of magic is a big deal to me. Consequences should always be taken seriously. I've never seen it presented like it has here within this course. And that to me is a good thing.

I've taught about responsibility and self-responsibility, because it a part of Wiccan teaching. It's really a part of the Wiccan way of life. I not only view Wicca as a religion, but also a cultural heritage. Something that brings meaning to life, and the path we choose to take in life. Like a living religion, so to speak. Like the tribal ways of Native Americans, or even the early Celtic people. They live thier ways. And I live Wiccan.

This course has really reached out to me though. Getting me to have a different perspective on mythology and archetypes. I've found that to be very in-depth, for a small part of the course. I read a good deal of Celtic, Greek, Native American, Italian mythology, and of course, different perspectives on Metaphysics. And I'm sure I'm getting to know archetypes a little better than before. I've found a new way of looking at herbs, their use in rituals, and how to prepare them for use. I've never seen in all of my previous training such good information. That part of the course taught me a few new tricks of the herbal trade in Wicca. It's really a good "meaty" part of the course. And has offered me as a minister good information.


Overall, I've learned that our journey is about learning. It's about experience, even if you think you know it already. It's about willingness, and being able to be a, what I call a teach-dent. A teacher and a student. Someone who is able to learn and teach, but continue to learn.

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