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All my life I have been excited and mystified by Halloween. As a child I knew it was more than a day for children to get candy and other goodies. It was always about the mystery of the night. As I grew older, I came to find and read much about it. To me, it is a night of the ancestors. A night where magic is found. The veil is thin and you can learn much. Some call it the third and last harvest of the year. I can also relate to this being raised on a farm. For years, I have found I could communicate with those beyond the veil easier from Samhain until Yule. It is full of mystery and magic.



Yule or mid-winter


I had heard of Yule, but no one explained to me what it was until I started studying about it. I find it to be the start of when the Sun comes back to our part of the world and each day gets a little longer. You can feel the quicken of the Earth and the excitement of rebirth.


Imbolg- The Festival of Lights


The Sun is well on it way to become full and warm. Warming Mother Earth so she can wake up and nature can furriest. You can see animals come alive. Mating rituals starting in nature and the animal kingdom. Yet winter or the dark of the year can still be upon us. Everything in it own time. Time to start thinking of what you want to plant. Either in your garden or ideas of things to learn or do. 







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