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When, I first heard about St. Paul, I didn't want to know him, never mind study about him. The truth is, I felt something was not quite Kosher about the great St.Paul. I fought the idea of taking a course about him.
I do consider myself an honest and just person, so I decided that it was not fair to judge this man, simply because I didn't like the cut of his chin.
St. Paul proved to be a very strong idealist and warrior for his beliefs, even if they may be wrong.
It takes a strong man to admit, not only to himself but the world that he has made a mistake.
He got up on his high horse a "Prosecutor" and fell off, only to get up a "Protector"
Once converted, St. Paul pursued his task with vehemence and stalwart dedication. He gave his all. No holding back for any reason.
It was written, that St. Paul came to interpret Christ's teachings. At first, this really angered me. For, I felt that Christ needed no interpreter. Christ spoke plainly and in the language of the people. The fact that they did not accept His teachings or misunderstood them, was to do with their own limitations. After reading and researching St. Paul's interpretations, I understood what he was trying to do.
There were many people out there saying and teaching some wild and crazy ideas and calling it Christ's teachings. St. Paul was not so much interpreting, as correcting the teachings that were being spread by others.
The other thing that bothered me, is when St. Paul spoke of the women in the church. That they should be SILENT. 1 COR 14:34-35 That if they have any questions, they should wait to ask their husbands when they have returned to their homes. That's when I almost put the book down and walked away.
But I began to think of St. Paul........
Paul = Hebrew =Hebrew upbringing = ancient times = belief women are property and not even allowed to have an education =male chauvinism at it's peak = Paul didn't know any better.
Paul, as always, used what he knew. It was what it was. The world was run this way at the time. I would hope that if St. Paul showed up now, he would have a different view.
After all, God did not knock down Joseph and take a rib from his side and create, Jesus. God chose a woman. A woman was at the center of this most sacred act. Somehow, I feel God does not think of women as such low creatures. The vessel of womanhood held the Son of God.
Thank you for this course. I have learned a great deal about St. Paul and I have learned to respect him. I have also been made stronger and prouder in my own Sacred Feminism.
+Peace of Christ to all.
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