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Leeann Vanderlooven
1.            Traditional African and Shamanic Cultures believe that moral and spiritual wrongdoings are likely to lead to illness, because the create disharmony in the individual and the community.
2.            In the African tradition, the emphasis is on the treatment of the whole person and that can only be achieved by recognizing the cultural health needs of each individual.
3.            Soul loss mean "to lose a part of our soul".
4.            As we move through our lives, many of us encounter situations that are frightening, traumatic and just too painful to deal with.
5.            In order to cope, we push aside the energy of the situation and continue on with our lives as best we can.
6.            This pushing aside can result in energy or soul parts being lost or trapped in an event that replays its self over and over again.
7.            The benefit of soul retrieval helps to heal the client of their present situation.         
8.            It is very necessary to reintegrate the soul parts, so that energy and personal power are restored.
9.            The san's (bushman) are unequaled, because of their hunter-gather lifestyle, which embraces all aspects of nature.      
10.         The san's live in South Africa.
11.         The four elements of nature are, earth, wind, fire and water.
12.         The san activate the num energy by dancing and clapping.
13.         Reaching Kia the healers then travel to the spirit world, or the heavens, to plead with the ancestral spirits and the Great Spirit for the patient's health.
14.         When the shamans approach members of the clan, lay their hands on them, they pull out the sickness of a patient.
15.         The two types of voice techniques that you can use to help a client relax are permissive or authoritarian.
16.         The authoritarian technique is a powerful and straight to the point. Its purpose is to command the client to loosen up and to get them to relax completely through the use of repetitious commands.
17.         The permissive technique uses a softer tone of voice to coax the subject into relaxation. In contrast to the authoritarian technique, the healer and the subject are one and the same in the process.              
18.         The names of the key components of the language of induction are synonyms, paraphrased suggestions and connective words.

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