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" All philosophy lies in two words, sustain and abstain" ( Epictetus), " Science without religion is lame,religion without science is blind"( Albert Einstein)

Religious Philosophy is at a point in our life's that has and will be impacted by world, and current events.( Boston marathon bombing, Newtown shooting, West, Texas fertilizer explosion; "Superstorm Sandy", and the birth of a child. I find parishoners,laymen, patients,colleagues, and family; questioning, " Why if their is a GOD would he be hateful and harmful towards others". I respond that God is all loving, Man's use of Free Will invokes this type of decision and horror making. A miniscule array of individuals follow the teachings of either the Bible, Torah, Quaran, for purposes of misinterpretation, and fulfilling destruction on the masses. "It is written that each soul is the hostage of one's deeds"( Quaran) As read each lesson and viewed each chapter I was amazed with the amount of information about this subject matter. My daughter asked, Does GOD Exist? I responded in one's heart we all believe in more than ourselves. Descartes,Locke,Leibniz and Hume argued for the existence/non existence of GOD. Metaphysics was utilized. Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas argued for God's existence, This was a full metaphysics attack. ( Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)

I enjoyed the array of layers of information of God's existence. If he does exist, what does he look like?  The debate concerning God's existence is on going on for millenia. The Ontological argument tries to prove the existence of the perfect being. cosmological argument applies the ideal of a necessary or eternal creator, The teleological argument tries to prove of a creator concerned with humanity. Each argument questions the existence of God, but question of his nature, and what is he like.

The question of Theism? If God exists, then we were created for a greater purpose. we are valued,loved. God gives us a incentive, moral duty, to follow these purposes, our eternal fate hangs in the balance whether we follow God, or we rebel against him. Classical Theism can be restricting, because of our importance of caring for others and ourselves. Theism affirms our value but can be constricting. Religious Philosophy Invokes the spirit of taking a leap of faith. "Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words" ( Francis of Assisi)           

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