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Lesson 15 ~ Religious Philosophy ~ Religious Functionality ~ Religious Nature ~ Essay
By:  Rev. Trent Murman OSM, OSF
What is your perspective on this "great problem"? How do you view your relationship with Reality? Are you entirely material, entirely spiritual, a mixture of the two, or a spiritual being trapped in a material prison?  I have always considered myself to be a down to earth person.  I like new things, but do not consider myself materialistic.  I believe I am a mixture of the two.  There are many things that are a necessity of life and unfortunately it appears that society/government dictates to each of us that certain things are mandatory to function in life, i.e. you must have a credit card/debit card to purchase airline tickets, plus a government issued ID to check-in.  This is just another way of "Big Brother ~ 1984" the government keeping tabs on everyone.  It is sad, but this is one piece of reality that unfortunately we cannot control.

How do you think that your view of your relationship with Reality impacts the way that you approach spirituality? Does it make you more submissive, studious, prayerful, resigned, contemplative?  I believe reality and spirituality are a growing part of everyday life and the ability to separate church and state is a must as discussed/promised in the Constitution.  However, we all end up being more submissive to the government rules and are resigned to abide by them.  Rules can be contemplated as much as one likes, however cannot be changed to suit the division of church and state.  It just doesn't seem to work that way.

Finally, how do you think that your view of your relationship with Reality impacts the way that you live your life? Does it make you more moral, immoral, ethical, unethical, logical, independent, determined? Does it impact your views on medicine, charity, politics, employment, vegetarianism, taking risks?  If one wishes to "buck the system" there is a healthy amount of risk taking involved.  This may be a good thing because it challenges you to think and evaluate more closely your moral standings leading to more independence if gone about it in a non-harassing way and that society can accept your actions.  Having been involved with medicine for a fair number of years I can see the premise the scientists present as their argument which we reviewed a few lessons back.  I can also accept that one's views may and do constantly impact their employment and I believe no one should push their moral standings to the wayside when seeking employment.  However, at times it may be required to bend them just a little to seek gainful employment.  You can always un-bend them back to your personal way of thinking later.  It has not waivered my charitable contributions, I still donate to the Wounded Warrior Project for helping our vets with their daily struggles and assist where I can.  And, I also donate to the charity of State Police Families of Fallen Officers in the line of duty.  I think these are worth while and it does give you that sense of doing a small part to help people out in their times of need….and after all isn't that what our profession is all about?     
Go In Peace

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