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Lesson 2 ~ Masters of Religion ~ The Old Testament ~ Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman

Establish and argumentation for a specific version of the Ten Commandments ~ use the version you decide to make yours.  I think, as most people, one would tend to accept the version he/she was brought up with and taught to from early years of their childhood.  In my case that would be the Protestant version.  I believe we also need to remember before making any arguments for a particular version that if you ask ten different people the same question, you may get ten different answers of points of view.  This could be the same with particular portions of the Bible, especially when written in different languages.  The Bible may be interpreted in different ways not only via the different languages, but even the different dialects within the different languages.  Hence, the different regions of the world would probably have interpreted the Ten Commandments differently.  The variances, however to some people may be small and inconsequential, but if they actually read the passages they would see the power of the word placement in each of the passages.  This brings up the premise that the Bible is infallible.  Some words have been used to make certain parts of the Bible appear as lies, I believe, as in everything in life, it is all open to interpretation.  I believe "man" has the ability to question and analyze things in life…however, to question these works….tread lightly.  GO IN PEACE
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