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Lesson 7
The Priesthood.  A hotly contested debate between churches and theologians throughout history.  Who can hold the Priesthood?  Can only a man hold the Priesthood ? Can women become Priests? I have not seen very many posts on this very important subject. I therefore post my humble opinion on this subject.

I strongly agree with the conclusions of the author in this lesson, and that is that anyone, man or woman can hold the Priesthood.

As the people of God, the church is now "royal priesthood". (1 Pet 2:9), ministering together in the name of Christ. Though we do not represent one another before the Father, believers are called to pray for one another, to encourage each other to good works, and to call one another to holiness.

The priesthood of believers is that every believer has direct access to God through Jesus Christ and that the church is a fellowship of priests serving together under the lordship of Christ, not to individual believers standing alone. The doctrine does, however, rightly affirm that we need no human priest to stand between the individual believer and God. As mediator, Jesus Christ alone fulfills that role.
The doctrine further affirms the right of every believer to fellowship with God through Christ, and the obligation of every believer to be a fully functioning member of a congregation, exercising Christian discipleship among the fellowship of other believer-priests.


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