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I enjoyed the Master of Paganism course, since I was not familiar with what Paganism consisted of, it was a good course to educate me.

The lesson that discussed Sacred Symbols was interesting. I have seen people wearing alot of the mention symbols, but did not realize their significance. It also showed me that there are many different sources that make up Neo-paganism, hence the many diverse symbols.

Lesson 6 “ Celebrations throughout the year.” was informative, and laid out the different days that some pagans observe. I had heard that the early Christian Church had incorporated many pagan  days of celebration to make converts to Christianity more comfortable. This is demonstrated by the overlap of ancient pagan and christian holy days.

I thought that first lesson was a good way to start the course. All religions attempt to explain how everything we see around us came into being. And the creation traditions of Paganism are in many ways unique to the belief system. I think that a lot of that has to do with the interplay of the God and Goddess in the story.

Alot of people believe that all pagans are followers of the way of Wicca. From taking this course I came to see that although all Wiccans are Pagans, not all Pagans are Wiccans.

I thought that the lesson on Magick was an eyeopener and revealed that what the general public thinks is the source and way that Magick comes about is incorrect, and possibly a outlook that contributes to the negative view that many people have of Wicca.

The final lesson about daily life as a Pagan was interesting. It was cool to see that practice of a specific Pagan tradition and person and not just the general topic of how Pagan carry out their daily practice.

Thanks for a great course.

Rev. Judge Robert Risley


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