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Mystical Christianity: lesson 19


How is spirituality different from religion?
Spirituality is a much broader term than religion, that extends to philosophies and worldviews that would not normally fall under the heading of religion. Spirituality is not restricted by codified dogmas, but derives from within. Spirituality may coincide with religiosity, but not necessarily. One may be spirtual without being religious, or even religious without being spiritual.

How would you define a mystic? Do you consider yourself to be a mystic?

A mystic is someone spiritually, rather than religiously, oriented and who's understanding of truth come's from within, rather than from external authority. Yes, I do consider myself to be a mystic in my orientation, even if I've not had dramatic mystical experiences/visions.

How do you experience the difference between your ego self and your True "I" Self?

Although my True Self is too often overshadowed by my ego self, I experience my True Self as serenity, peace, oneness. This stands in contrast to my ego self which is often characterized by worry, anxiety and doubt.




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