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  1. Have you worked with the chakra energies of your body and if so, what have you learned and experienced?
I haven't as much yet, personally, though i've been told, even by my one time Sitar instructor, that I am very stiff.  Perhaps my seeker self is searching but bound up in past items that place junk in my aura.
  1. What have you been taught about the role of sexuality? How has that affected your life and your spirituality?
Usually sex is either seen as dirty, or something your parents will never talk about (like mine didn't)  You usually hear of it as a term for married couples and having children. The rest is seen as unclean and pornographic.
Meeting a girl from my Church usually meant to me, that was was someone 'acceptable' ..not someone who would have dirty ideas.  Or, that my parents wished for me to find someone 'clean'. Spiritually, if one thinks of priests and nuns that are celibate, One thinks of sex as unholy. However, it is a way we create (like God) and become one with each other. 
  1. How have you encountered your shadow self? Is your shadow your enemy or your friend? If an enemy, what do you need to do to bring reconciliation between you?
My Shadow self is often that part that others , can be a 'psychic vampire' upon. Finding some sore spot in yourself to taunt and lash out onto.  I don't see it as an enemy, just something that at times could hold me back, but might be a worthwhile voice to listen to, at times.
Bob Koenig

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