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  1. How have you experienced the intimacy of God in your life?
I've seen small miracles with people (as a mail carrier) I hear a lot of local stories. Sometimes, prayers are answered, other times not.  Sad to see some people in such misery. When alone, sometimes if i think enough, I feel a presence. I've had some dreams mixing rather Wiccan ceremonies where i became connected with a Goddess Force...take dreams as you will, but this has played in my mind a few times.  I once had a bad car accident where I walked away perfectly fine, yet from the sight was told how could i have? Somehow i was being watched over. It's something of a Gnostic feel also...I can go to a Church service and not  feel the joy that i may internally. 
  1. How would you distinguish the difference between prayer and meditation? What role do each of these play in your life?
Prayer can be a 'request' to the creator about the health of a person, or a well wish, or some even ask for luck in a job hunt.  Prayer to me is like a Church service, where meditation is going inward and feeling the creator from within. Truly amazing to feel that energy and connect to it. Reciting the "lord's Prayer" in a congregation might lead abundant energy to flow, but collectively in a chant. A Rosary is almost a cross between a prayer and meditation..the repetition gets you in a meditative mindset.
  1. How do the lives of Julian of Norwich and Teresa of Avila illuminate the mystical way? Are they relevant for the twenty-first century?
Both showed the method of using the word of God and developing it even further through a personal journey. Teresa's experience with the many levels in her "Interior Castle" could well be used as an example today of using more methods to seek the Divine. Churches that experience empty pews could seek out these new methods of drawing people back. Many no longer wish for the "old time" religious course.

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