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1. What positives do you see in the Magdalene myth?

The image of a strong woman who is an authoritative teacher, healer and missionary is a positive aspect of the Magdalene myths perpetuated in and around traditional Christianity. It's a shame that the patriarchal hierarchy in place found it necessary to "rein her in" by insisting on her past as a redeemed prostitute, thus bringing her authority down to a manageable level.
2.  How would the Christian Church be different if Magdalene Christianity had won the day?

Much bloodshed and war could have been averted – especially the Crusades and religious wars between Protestants and Catholics. Women would be equally valued as men in the Church – and not just as "virgin mothers", but in all their facets: intellectual, spiritual, sexual. Puritanical attitudes towards sexuality would be largely absent from a Magdalene Church. Also, I believe we would not live in a hyper-competitive capitalist (nor a totalitarian communist model imposed by force) society like we have today, but rather one based on cooperation. Along the same lines, I believe we would have taken better care of the environment and lived in closer harmony with Nature.
3. Who is Mary Magdalene for you in the 21st century?

For me Mary Magdalene represents the feminine side of the Christ-Sophia coin (the difference between Christ and Sophia being one more of imagery and tone rather than absolute ontological distinction). The image of the "Red Queen" is very helpful and helps place Mary Magdalene in Triple Goddess imagery.

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