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I dreaded the arrival of Lesson 30 in this journey entitled Spirit Quest as it meant that this amazing course was coming to an end, and though I knew it left me in a far better place than it had found me I was still reluctant to say goodbye. I had stated at the onset of the first few lessons that this course should be required reading for all human beings that occupy this planet, imagine what a world we would reside in then. Absent would be the cynicism, the anger, the hostility and the never ending fear that plagues our societies and is presented daily in our media outlets. What a world this would be if everyone KNEW that,They are perfect, that God Loves them and that they were created in perfection, by perfection, for perfection and that their success was guaranteed! That concept alone an change the world, and it did, for a time.
    Having been a student of Metaphysics for many years I have read and studied many of the masters in the field so I was absolutely blown away by so many concepts that shook me to my spiritual core and opened doorways and avenues that I had never traversed before.
    The awakening that I experienced as to the multitude of ways that Spirit communicates has quite literally changed my life. Coming to be keenly aware that even the smallest things in my life were actually Spirit Communication in the form of pictures, and even colors and numbers allowed me to actualize my my knowledge OF Spirit to a greater degree.
    Another concept that brought me to my knees was the idea that “God doesn’t work in mysterious ways. There’s nothing mysterious about it. There is a plan for everything, which continually unfolds.” It caused me to truly investigate my own path thus far and recognize the work of Spirit, the hand of God in EVERYTHING, even that which could be called tragedy or “bad”. However each of those events brought me in a new direction that altered my life for the better. Why I did not see it for what it was then I do not know, but I have no reason to question yesterday as now I KNOW there are no accidents!
    The lesson on Reincarnation, though I wish it spanned more, was one of intrinsic value to me as I have two sons who clearly outlined their previous lives at a young age, describing everything in startling, vivid detail right up until their deaths. The discourse on Reincarnation and its purpose was powerful and outlined the WHYs of rebirth rather than engaging in any argument as proposed by fundamentalist Christians. As Gary Zuchav has stated this is simply our Earth School designed to teach us all we can during each incarnation. In witnessing my sons “changing their Earth suits” and becoming the boys that they are now it is apparent that they carry with them the wisdom and knowledge that their other lives espoused on them and that all of US are the lucky benefactors as they have become our teachers.
    Another aspect that I came to understand and appreciate deeply was the concept of Spirit communicating through colors. Recently I had been struggling with chronic pain and discomfort in my abdomen causing me to be unable to eat much at any given time. Being a Holistic Practitioner I seldom if ever rely on medical assistance. However, in each of my meditations to heal myself, each time as I would cleanse my abdomen and intestines to heal, I kept seeing black. I would force myself to imagine the area as pink and healthy, and each time black would dominate. I engaged in Affirmative Prayer multiple times per day, but to no improvement, only the imagery of blackness filling my abdominal region. Finally I reached the point of excruciating pain that no amount of prayer was relieving and my wife drove my half conscious body to the hospital. The mass of black turned out not to be figurative, but literal, Spirit was attempting to SHOW me, but I was trying to out spiritualize the message. The fact was, was that my colon had become impacted and I was dangerously close to a rupture that has a higher than 85% certain death mortality rate.
    It was this recognition that often times we “Spiritual” people miss the message that the REAL messenger is attempting to send as we are too concerned with our efforts of self healing.
    I am so grateful for Spirit Quest. It is certainly a course that I will revisit again and again, and have already as well as directing so many others to it. I have been blessed and benefited in so many ways that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for such a learning filled journey!

Erick John Price


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