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Essays on the Metaphysics Courses

Spirit Quest

by Sharon Corrigan

It has taken me several additional months to conclude this course due to personal schedule conflicts. However, I am actually happy to have had the time to review this course and the accompanying exercises.
I must confess when I first began using the “grounding cord” I didn’t think it particularly remarkable, having my own techniques for grounding. I also found it very difficult to create and blow up roses, even though I recognized the concept of creation and destruction. Certainly, we all want new things to come into our lives, yet, to take time to remove the old, worn & outmoded is often a drudgery that we wish to avoid if possible.
So having admitted my resistance to both the exercises above which are given very early on in this course, I must also say that over time I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the results received from practicing them. In my early resistance to these, I was not consistent. More recently, I have been using them much more regularly. I find the grounding exercise, not only grounds me but actually helps me rid myself of excess energy. I often imagine fears and negativity flowing through the grounding cord and flowing down to the center of the Earth’s molten core, thereby, not polluting the Earth, but be dissolved and purified.
When I perform the rose exercise, the important facet of the exercise for me is the destruction of the rose.. This destruction process has helped me look at areas of my life for what no longer serves me and release the unwanted elements. I guess I use both techniques as a way of releasing and letting go. Perhaps, that is important in my own personal development right now, for it certainly comes easy to me. The grounding cord is a general way to get rid of all the unwanted. The rose is used for particularly intentions and the satisfaction of destroying the intended rose has become quite satisfying.
I have found the Spirit Quest Course very clear and easy to read. It offers introductory information on many compelling subjects from the Chakras to Reincarnation. Each weekly chapter gives information & exercises that allow the student to interact with the material.
I have enjoyed this course and look forward to participating in other courses the Seminary has to offer in the future.
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