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Essays on the Metaphysics Courses
Spirit Quest
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Thank you, for all the many topics that you covered in “Spirit Quest”!
I enjoyed all 30 Discourses, several of the courses I was familiar with and the others will serve to be very valuable in my life journeys. I especially connected with Lesson #8 on “mock ups” and Lesson #29 about “money”.
Lesson #29 about “money”, struck a chord with me. Your opening statement of this lesson sums it all up about “money”. And it was eye opening to see it in a different light, as you elegantly put it:  Well, money itself isn’t necessarily all that much to look at, but really it’s what money symbolizes that is a beautiful thing. On page #2 paragraph 5 is my favorite; People can choose to be happy whether they are rich or poor and they can choose to be unhappy in the same situations. Thank you….
Lesson #8 about “mock ups”, “being specific” and “letting go” really hit home. The section about making sure that it’s your “mock up” and not someone else's was important, because you may not be able to fix theirs but you always have control over yours. In your writing, you talked about doing something for someone & it wasn’t what they wanted. The situation was the very same thing and it was my own child (she didn’t want to go to college; she wanted to start a family).
All of being specific & letting go is something I had to learn in order for me to be where I am at now. Surrendering is what I was taught in my life as a “minister/reverend”. And how surrendering to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will set me “free”…..It’s always easy to talk about what we should do and much harder to actually do it!  As it has taken me this long in my life to be doing what really makes me “happy” in trying to “guide” people on their path. And once again I thank you for all my new tools that I will be able to use to serve help others.
Reverend Flaviana Kalehua Vidinha
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