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Master of Metaphysical Healing Lesson 18
Kelly Lefcourt, Spiritual Counselor

1.   How would a Traditional Healer go about doing absent healing for a patient in a mental asylum?   They would make a doll out of wood or leather, make it look as closely as possible to the person including placing something that belongs to the patient on the doll.        
2.  Mrs. Jones suffers from Rheumatism.  She has written to you and requested you to do absent healing for her.  Explain how you would go about this.  I would have her name, address, birthdate and if possible something that belongs to her.  I would prepare the room I am working in by placing crystals, fresh flowers and burn incense.  I would meditate prior to starting and make sure during the entire time I am not disturbed.
3.  Why is exorcism dangerous. It is dangerous as depending on the entity it could kill the person it is possessing and/or it could end up possessing the person performing the exorcism.
4.  Are all possession states evil?  No sometimes it is an entity that is confused.
5.  Name the different kinds of people who are needed for an exorcism.  Spiritual Leader that has a strong personality, two, strong men, a doctor and a psychologist.
6.  What is the difference between a Traditional Doctor and a Witchdoctor? Witchdoctors use herbs and such to harm people and property.
7.  What do sorcerers use 'ibeklo' for?  They put it in a home or rub it in the grass and pathways so that when the innocent person walks on it, they will become very ill.

8.  In tribal life, how do people define the different types of mental illness? They believe that the person is possessed or is practicing witchcraft.
9.  How do they cast out a possessing spirit? They do so by singing and dancing until the person vomits or purges the spirit out.

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