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Lesson 3
Kelly Lefcourt, Spiritual Counselor
Esoteric Physiology
1A)       The Human Aura:
The Aura is a series of colors that surround the body. The Aura extends out from the body and shows illness even before the physical body has symptoms. The Aura has multiple layers and colors.  The colors can tell a story of how a person is feeling in the mental, physical and spiritual levels.
1B)       Subtle Bodies:
 We have subtle bodies systems as they replicate some of the functions of the physical body.  It guides us when we have a "gut" feeling and/or sense something. Also with a trained eye, it can show dis-ease and/or dis-harmony.
1C)        Energy Systems:
Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric Template, Celestial and Ketheric Template,
1D)       Auric Fibers function:
Auric Fibers are thread-like fibers that are an extension of the Peripheral Nervous System.  They provide signals to us.
1E)       Spinal Nerves:
The spinal nerves are located in the spinal column
2)          Circulatory System in the Physical:
Carries blood and oxygen to the tissues and moves waste products away from them.  It is the chief transportation system of the body.
3)          Circulatory System in the Etheric:
Similar to the physical, the circulatory system in the Etheric moves away bad etheric energy from the physical and into the auric field. The colorless fluid contains auric cells given off from the Chakras.  They circulate through the meridians and leave the body through the skin.  The etheric body revitalizes the cells and returns them back to the body.  In the event that there is dis-harmony in the auric sheath, the person my feel tired.
4)          Physical Aura:
The Physical Aura is made up of the etheric, physical emotional and mental bodies.  It is closest to the body and is the physical aura. It represents the body's physical growth, strengths and weaknesses, physical sensations, both pleasant and unpleasant.
5)          Etheric Body:
It appears as a grey mist and it surrounds and moves through the physical. It is the first of the subtle bodies, which resembles and contains the same as the physical body.
6)          Differences Between Etheric & Emotional Bodies:
The Etheric body is a grey color and the Emotional body is multi-colored.  The etheric body is in the physical and emotions are not present. However the emotional body is connected to the sympathetic nervous system and is affected by the solar plexus chakra.
7)          Functions of the Chakras:
The Chakras control and energize, for the proper functioning of the whole physical body as well as its different parts and organs.
8)          Astral Body Color:
Rose, Pink
9)          Astral Body Function:
It is the bridge between the physical and spiritual auras as well as between ourselves and higher planes of consciousness.
10)        Silver Cord:
It connects the astral body to the physical.
11)        Spiritual Aura description:
It is connected to love, The Divine, pure thoughts and combines our physical and spiritual nature.
12)        Major Chakras located:
On the outer layer of each field.
13)        Major Chakras & corresponding endocrine gland:
Crown                Pituitary
3rd Eye                              Pineal
Throat                              Thyroid
Heart                  Thymus
Solar Plexus    Pancreas
Sacral                 Ovaries/Testes
Root                    Adrenals

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