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Leeann Vanderlooven
Lesson #18
1.            To do an absent healing the traditional healer would make a doll to represent the ill individual. This doll would be made of leather, wood or any material that was available. It would be adorned with some personal items from that individual.  The doll would then be used as a surrogate for the ill person. The healer would then take the doll, and feed it, sprinkle or fill it with medicine plants and try to use it as a means of communicating with the absent patient.
2.            To perform an absent healing this is what I would do, I would speak with the person a few times to take a complete background of her life and illness. I would then ask her for a picture along with her complete name and birthday. I would then schedule a time that works best for both of us, so that we may be in tune with one another. I would fast for several hours while I would prepare my room for a healing session. I would sage the area, light white candles, place stones or crystals in the area the angels provide. I would then cleanse the area, read from the bible and go into a complete mediation to raise my vibration. I would then ask all my guides and teachers and those of the patient to come to our assistance and bring positive light and healing to my client. I would pray to God and the angels for assistance to bring healing for the clients highest good. I would then picture my client in front of me surround by the white light of the Holy Spirit and the pink light of love, while I scan their body. I would look for any areas that need attention, and use what tools spirit guides me to help heal those areas. I would work from the head down to the feet. Un-ruffle and smooth energy and close with a prayer and a request to God to be with my patient…
3.            An exorcism is extremely dangerous, for it could cause the death of the victim.
4.            No, not all possession states are evil.
5.            People who can be in need of an exorcism can be, people who dabble in the occult. Drug and alcohol abusers, people who perform satanic rituals, people who open them self up to spirit in the incorrect way.
6.            The difference between a traditional healer and a witchdoctor are as different as day and night. The traditional healer lives in close communion with God and consults regularly with the ancestral kingdom. Witch doctors work with the dark side. They use their powers to cast spells and the practice negative  witchcraft.
7.            Sorcerers us ibeklo a form of black magic to harm someone. To make them very sick and cause a lot of pain.
8.            In tribal life mental illness is treated as spirit possession.
9.            They cast out a possessing spirit, by singing and dancing this they feel will force the spirit to rise and then medicine is taken to have the ill person vomit or purge until they feel the spirit has left the body. 

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