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Leeann Vanderlooven
Metaphysical Healing
What is the human Aura?

Aura is an invisible energy field present around every object whether living or non-living.
It consists of seven subtle systems, that replicate some of the function of the physical body.
They extend beyond the physical and create a force field of energy and luminous colors. This
energy extends outward and has a collection of nerve fibers, which will pick up signals from the
external world, which is our warning system, we process this energy via the seven chakras.
Why do we have subtle bodies?

Subtle bodies allow us to process energy on many levels. It's like a series of filters for
our body. It helps us to feel more deeply, process, absorb on different levels of mind, body and
spirit. Helps us to heal faster and protects the human body with a series of different vibrations.
Name the different energy systems.

The etheric body, emotional body, mental body, astral body, etheric template, celestial
body and the ketheric template.

What is the function of the auric fibers?
The auric fibers are thread-like fibers that are an extension of the Peripheral Nervous
system. They are very sensitive and provide us protection by picking up signals from our
surroundings at an intuitive level, and makes us aware of our surroundings.
Where are the spinal nerves located?
The spinal cords are located, In our spinal cord.
Describe the circulatory system in the physical.
Circulatory system is an organ system that passes nutrients, gases, hormones, blood cells,
and more, to and from cells in the body to help fight diseases. It carries oxygen and nourishment
to the tissues and waste products away from them. It is the transportation highway of the body.
Describe the Circulatory system of the Etheric.
The etheric system is right next to the physical body therefore, has a circulatory
system the same as the physical body. The etheric system helps with the drainage of
contaminated etheric energy from our physical body's auric field. It has a colorless fluid that
contains numerous minute cell particles, these cell are excreted by the charka system. To help
keep our physical bodies clear.
Write a short paragraph on the physical Aura.
The physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body and the mental body all create
the personality of man and the physical body. We use all these systems to live day to day. These
systems work together to allow us to breathe, feel emotion and think clearly to survive.
What does the Etheric body look like?
Our Etheric body looks like our physical body. It is the first of the subtle bodies and next
to our physical body. It contains everything our physical does. The etheric is a gray mist that is
very luminous.
How does the Etheric body differ from the emotional body?
The emotional body is a much denser substance than the etheric. It roughly follows the
outline of the physical. The emotional body registers very powerful emotions. The emotional
body consists of all colors of the aura where the etheric is only gray in color.
What are the main functions of the chakras?
There are seven main chakras, he chakras rotate very rapidly. Each chakra is a different
color. The chakra absorbs the color it predominates in. Each charka than transforms and
transmits the colors into energy for the bloodstream, which then vitalize and energies our etheric
What is the color of the astro body?
The color of our asto body is pink. The color of love .... From creator.
What function does the astro body serve?
The astral body roughly follows the outline of the physical. It is the bridge between the
physical and spiritual aura. It allows us to be connected to the higher planes of consciousness.
Why do we need a silver cord?
It connects our physical body to our astral body, and will disconnect at death.
Describe the spiritual aura.
The spiritual aura is made up of the celestial body, etheric template, and ketheric
template. Connection to divinity is associated with the spiritual aura. It encompasses the power
of the spoken word, love, positive thoughts and the integration of our spiritual and physical
Complete this sentence:
The auric sheath is strong and resistant to penetration and protects the field.
Where are the major chakras located externally?
The outer layer of each field.
Name then and give corresponding endocrine glands.
1st charka - base or root - location base of spine gland- Adrenals -top of kidneys
2nd charka - sacral or navel - gland testes/male - ovaries/female
3rd charka - solar plexus gland- pancreas
4th charka - heart gland - thymus
5th charka - throat gland - thyroid
6th charka - brow- third eye gland - pineal
7th charka - crown gland - pituitary


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