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Leeann Vanderlooven
Describe how you would go about linking with your client.
I would first get myself out of the way.
Then I need to ask permission to enter my client's energy field.
Then I need to align myself with the Universal Energy field.
Place my hands of my client's shoulders.
Move in a clockwise direction, move to the side of the bed and feel for the pulse in their wrist.
Place my hand on their solar plexus and breath in harmony with them.
What actions should you take when you observe problems?
               I need to stay within confines of our area of expertise, the subtle energy system and the spiritual aspect.  It is imperative that I never create the false impression that I am a doctor.
What is your own definition of Intuition?
Intuition is an immediate understanding or knowing something without reasoning. It is a feeling that sometimes starts in my stomach if it is a warning.  Or I know how each one of my children are feeling because I feel their feelings. It's a hunch a knowing of what is going to happen ahead of time if I listen and slow down.  It's a gift give to each one of us by God. It is our choice to use it or lose it.
Why is it important to keep a record of your client's progress?
               For  reference .
               So each time a client comes in you know what you did last.
               In case I need to testify in court.
                To record all progress made.
               To be able to research and for self learning and development.
What did you personally experience, when you did the scanning exercise?
               Not sure I experienced a lot for my first time.  We removed all belts, jackets and shoes. I had Eric lay flat on his back, arms relaxed at his side and a pillow under his head and knees. When I rubbed my hands together I could feel the center of my hands grown warm. When scanning his energy field, I at times felt warm areas, my hands continued to stay warm and I could feel energy flowing through them.
That's about all for my first time.
What actions should you take when you observe problem area's?
               I will just keep my hands in the area for a while until the energy seems to smooth itself out.

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