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Welcome to the introduction to the Masters of Metaphysical Healing program. Each week you will receive a discourse that talks about Metaphysical Healing. You will be receiving an email for this course approximately once a week. If for any reason you don’t receive one, please write to amy@ulcseminary.org so she can re-send your material.

Master of Metaphysical Healing


       Universal Life  Church Seminary


Introduction --Overview to this course


This is a step-by- step guide, teaching you how to use your hands to heal.  It gets straight to the point, highlighting what is important and each chapter has revision exercises and model answers. 

An Overview of this course

In these unique times in which we live, whilst there are constant breakthroughs in medical research and an outpouring of metaphysical knowledge, there is a gradual softening of the rigid parameters between science and metaphysics as they begin to gain a sneaking respect one for the other.  Added to which we are realising that the source of many of our illnesses lies in the emotional and mental fields.  In this scenario, this course is most timely.  It gives sound, well-researched and well-practiced techniques, which directly address the need for holistic effective healing techniques, which are non-evasive and hone into the root cause of conditions.  It is an invaluable adjunct to those in the medical profession who are ready to acknowledge there is more to healing than merely addressing physical symptoms and it provides an invaluable source of information and training for the layperson that wishes to develop the skill of metaphysical healing.


Katharine Lee has already made a substantial contribution to the growth in awareness of energetic healing and the subtle realms in this country and many individuals have been restored to health, harmony and balance through her unique and powerful gifts.  After a healing session with her, clients are often given understanding and insight into themselves and the cause of their condition.  Many individuals in South Africa are now reputable healers due to Katharine’s teaching.  Katharine is an inspired teacher.  She has the gift of imparting complex information with clarity and has the ability to marry science and metaphysics in such a way, that many from the medical profession have been able to accept the concept of energetic healing for the first time.  Her contribution in this field has been outstanding, added to which it is worth mentioning that she works with the greatest of integrity, sensitivity and openness of heart. 

This metaphysical healing course is the result of a far-reaching and detailed study from many sources, which she has combined with the knowledge acquired over the last forty years.  It is a syllabus with a thorough practical base, providing a grounding in anatomy and physiology, covering all topics which are necessary for healers to engage in such as self-care, preparation for and conclusion of a healing session, how to take a client’s medical history and so on.  These are important if an aspirant healer is to take his/her work seriously and provide a solid practical and professional structure in which to work.  Ethical considerations and even that of financial reward are covered.

The heart of this work is the metaphysical healing.  Katharine’s own extraordinary extra-sensory perception and sensitivities to the subtle energies around another person are imparted to students in such a way that they too start to develop these abilities under her guidance.  I believe that these skills will work as effectively when the knowledge is absorbed from the printed page.  These subtle healing techniques are powerful, far reaching and successful, in short, they work.  This insight comes from my own experience of healing sessions with Katharine herself and with several healers who have been her students.

I feel excited that Katharine has put these wonderful healing techniques, which have helped so many in the past, into a home study course available to many.  It is a very important, noteworthy and practical addition to the array of healing courses available today.  It is a clear and pertinent guide through every stage in the vibrational healing process, which will be of invaluable assistance to those who sincerely wish to serve their fellow humans in this manner.  I believe that in due course this home study course will become a seminal textbook for energetic healing.  It does not surprise me at all that Katharine, with her profound sense of service and her dedication to the use of her remarkable talents for the upliftment of humanity, would realise such a gift to the community of healers and potential healers on the planet today. 

Natalia Baker.  Cape Town.  South Africa.  March 2000


Katharine Lee, Author, Motivational Speaker, Metaphysician, Healer and Visionary, was the first person in the world to teach blind people to heal in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.  She is the Principal of The Atlantean School of Creative Learning, in Johannesburg, the first of its kind in South Africa, where people can study to qualify as Meta-Physicians.


Her 41 years of experience in the field of vibrational medicine is characterised by her eminently practical approach to these issues. As a pioneer, she has set out to formalise the role of Spiritual Healers in South Africa.   Since 1988, Katharine has worked hard to gain recognition for herself and her colleagues, to be accorded credibility.  Her Metaphysical Healing Course has been marketed internationally by Stonebridge Associated Colleges in the United Kingdom and is registered with the Natural Healers Association of South Africa.  It was also the first professional healing course in the History of South Africa, to be translated into Afrikaans. Thanks to her efforts, some of the larger medical aids are now paying for spiritual healing and more and more medical people are beginning to co-operate and work with the healers she has trained. 


She was the First Healer to participate in the national convention of "Health for Africa” in October 1988.  In November of the same year, she became a co-founder of  "The Healing Foundation" (Transvaal). This organisation is now called "Health for Africa".  In July l989 she co-founded "The Healing Association of South Africa".   Moving onwards, Katharine created a "Light Centre" in Maseru, Lesotho when she became the first teacher to lecture on spiritual science at Lesedi.


All of these groups have enhanced the credibility of healers.  Her involvement continues with them.  In addition, she joined "The Confederation of Complementary Health Associations" (COCHASA) and served as the Association's Public Relations Officer and on the Training and Ethics Committee for a year.  This organisation was formed in 1992 to represent the interests of complementary health therapists and was the first of its kind in South Africa.


Katharine's connection with the academic world has been noteworthy too.  Her interest in the human aura has led to extensive research, teaching and practical application.  In 1988 she teamed with Hoosain Ebrahim, a medical photographic scientist and technologist who had returned from the United Kingdom to take up a post at Medunsa Medical University, near Pretoria.


Together they presented a highly successful seminar, "Photographing the Human Aura" in Johannesburg.  This appears to be the first time in South Africa that a scientist and a mystic have combined their expertise.


An accomplished author, Katharine has had many of her articles published locally and internationally and she is presently researching and co-authoring her second book on Esoteric Physiology for Medical and Complementary Health Professionals, with Prof. George Loots of Pretoria.


In 1989 she joined forces with the SA Traditional Healers Council and began her journey into the world of Traditional Healing Methods.  Working closely with T/Dr H. Zungu and other Traditional Doctors, she rapidly developed a passion for anthropology, particularly in the field of African healing methods and their use of magio-mystical healing techniques.  Researching and drawing on years of experience in the field Katharine went on to explore the rich African Culture and it has taken her 20 years to develop a healthy, trustworthy working relationship with Traditional Healers in South Africa.


Her life’s purpose was always to obtain Government Recognition for Spiritual and Traditional Healers as they have an integral part to play in combating the Aids Pandemic and in administering to the Primary Health Care needs of the Nation.  Her dream became reality when the Traditional Healers Council came into being towards the end of 2004.  This was the first time in the history of the world that traditional healers were granted their own Statutory Council.


Moving onwards, in 1999, working closely with Pieter Christiaan Rall, she established the S.A. National Association of Traditional Healers, which later changed its name to the Natural Healers Association.  This organisation was then divided up and run at provincial level after she retired in 2003.


Katharine’s reputation has spread worldwide and she has in the past been invited to present a paper at “The World Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine” in China and to represent South Africa at a congress of planetary “Light Leaders” in Texas.  She was also invited to present a paper on spiritual healing at “The World Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine” in Canada in August 1995 and at the 3rd International Congress of Traditional Healing in Senegal in July 2004. 


A complete Humanitarian, her life’s work is to save lives, help the destitute, create job opportunities and to protect and preserve all traditional, indigenous and spiritual healing practices.  She is presently based in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa and in addition to her spiritual work, produces  television documentaries, which are broadcast internationally.          


For further information please write to Katharine Lee (Krüger) at katharine@mweb.co.za


The Author pays tribute to the late, great Harry Edwards for the outstanding work he did as a healer and whose books and original healing course provided the basis for this healing course and the books I have written.  Thanks to his pioneering work in the field of spiritual healing, thousands of people from all walks of life, all nationalities and religions, have been helped, many of them suffering from diseases said by doctors to be “incurable”.


The Author is also deeply grateful to The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, U.K., for freely sharing their knowledge and all their help in establishing The Healing Association of South Africa and The Atlantean School of Creative Learning.  They were instrumental in helping her to get started, especially when it came to formulating a Code of Conduct and Ethics for Healers in South Africa.


You are encouraged to post your lessons on the forum or send them to amy@ulcseminary.org and she will post them for you. The goal is to begin some meaningful dialogue with other ministers and to learn from the different exchanges.

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