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 This is a subject that I have not seen mentioned in the "Historical Jesus" series that was offered on  this site. The subject of time. How did we measure time before we decided on the way we do now? Before we used the Gregorian Calendar that we use today, the Julian Calendar and Solar Calendars were in use. Before them, the Greeks measured time by Olympiads while Rome measured time by the reign of an Emperor. All of these methods were in operation during the gospel period. Too understand the terms for time in the new testament, one must learn about the Solar Calendar and the prophetic method taught by John the Baptist who followed the prophecies taught by Enoch and are revealed in the apocalypse of Enoch. The history of Jesus is a major one on the issue of time. It is the reason that we use the calendar that we do today. I have heard it said that it was based on Jesus birth. Herod the Great pursued Jesus after a two year period because of a calendar misunderstanding. This misunderstanding was given to Herod the Great by the Magi of the tribe of West Manesseh who sought to protect Jesus and recognize him as the legitimate heir to the throne of David. At his birth they bring him Frankensence and myrrh which is the incence of priests and they bring him the Gold. Every time that color is mentioned in scripture, it denotes a grade of priest. Purple is for the Bishop, Red is for the Cardinal, Scarlet is for the Arch Bishop. It is from this practice that missionaries are termed "Of the Cloth". Gold is for the Papacy. The Papacy existed long before the Christian party arose. Please note that the official flag of the vatican is Gold! The Magi knew that Herod was not trained in Calendar Science and deliberately misled him. Herod the Great died in 4 B.C. Jesus could not have been born in A.D.1.

 If Jesus was persued for two years before Herod the Great died, he would have to have been one year old in 6 B.C. This means that he was born in 7 B.C. Since we are told that he was six months younger than John the Baptist and that as the heir to the Zadokite high priesthood John was born in September (which was considered the holiest time of the year) we know that Jesus was born in March B.C.7 and John the Baptist in September of B.C.8. This removes the problem produced by Luke who mentions that Jesus was born in the year of the census 6 A.D. Jesus would have been 12 years old in 6 A.D. and would be at his Bar Mitzfa when he is being "born" as a man. It is important to note that in calculating years from B.C to A.D. a 1 is subtracted from the B.C. year because there is no zero between them.  When we are told that Jesus was aged 33 years, it means year 33 of the newly established calender. He was not 33 years old, he was 39 years old.
Something to think about huh?
Rev. James Thomas League

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