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When Jesus came of age within the Essenes he purified the structure of the Mystery traditions and re-instated the original Gnostic faith. Hence, the Gnosticism of Jesus is not superior to other Gnostic traditions, but is a refinement or adaptation of an age-long tradition. Indeed, the Gnosticism of Jesus brought together Egyptian, Greek and Mystery Cult traditions (such as those of Eleusis and Mithra) into one coherent system. The iconography of Judaism played a small part but was insignificant in comparison to, for example, the Greek Mystery cult tradition. To understand this “nexus” of the Gnosis we really need to jettison the old model which sees gnosticism as a Jewish or Christian heresy. As has been documented in such texts as the Jesus Mystery and Jesus Christ, Sun of God ++++++ it is more likely that Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity are pagan and Gnostic heresies! 
While there may be vigorous complaints and denials it is now even well known that so-called Jewish Kabbalah primarily derived from a reworking of Neo Platonic mysticism which into Jewish religious language.


These teachings, however, did not remain available forever. As society changed and a new regime came to power the teachings of Jesus were suppressed and replaced with the political faith of Emperor Constantine, and accordingly the Gnosis went underground to ensure its survival.  What we have in today's religious movements are not the original forms of Judaism and Christianity, but apostate faiths masquerading in their place. The Bible itself has been tampered with to such an extent that only through much critical study can we restore just some of its inner meaning.  The Institute upholds the original inner teachings of Jesus as part of a continuum of wisdom which spans from Pagan to so-called Christian sources.

But it is perhaps desirable to state unequivocally that the teachings here, however, fragmentary and incomplete belong neither to the Hindu's, the Zoroastrian, the Chaldean, nor the Egyptian Religion, nor to Buddhism, Islam, Judaism or Christianity exclusively. The Secret doctrine is the essence of all these.


The Secret Doctrine,
Madame Blavaskty.

Ask me where I learned this if you want to know, but it is Gnosticism.  Please understand this info came to me after my revelations talked about next and please note that I only found he who I mention through trying to become like him following my heart.


However, as Albert Einstein said, ‘knowledge is limited; what really counts is intuition.’

And in Proverbs it says,
“Ask someone with experience and not a scholar.”

and in the taittiriva unasnishad it states
“If you have doubts, what may be the right behavior,
then model yourself on the great men, whose judgment is well proven, who are sincere, and devoted to truth.According to these principles direct your acting!
This is the rule, this is the tenet and this the commandment of the Holy Scriptures.”

“Inspiration is more important than knowledge,
because knowledge is limited.”
Albert Einstein

So I think it may be time for the book blind people to take the head out of the book and trust our hearts again. for there is a great man amongst us again. and we were taught from the start to look for the divine spark in everything. if one cannot see this then ascension must take place of the spirit to raise consciousness to the level where one can accept the god/infinity within each of us as proven by quantum physicist Gregg Braden to be the translation of our DNA encoding.
as well as this all ancient traditions teach of this very same.

that god/infinity/divine spark is within every living thing.
when one can see this then one is ready to accept the Christ as the Christ.  eg look through Christlike eyes,  then when this happens one can accept the Christ. how else would you know? only through inner knowing  this is the mass awakening going on worldwide at this very time. to help us all to elevate our consciousness for the decision we shall face together as mankind in the next short few years.

great change is upon us. and the fact that this man I name and whom when I contemplated every eventuality and feeling in my heart come to accept as the embodiment of Christ. the fact that this man is here. if one doesn't even look next nor near. prophecies.. conspiracy's etc etc must account for something of great magnitude about to occur. mankind doe's not provide its own destruction without its own salvation. please read on Amy for I will name this man down below!


and so.. a good man you will know

“From their fruits
Ye shall know them.”
Matthew 7,16

“To accept as knowledge,
what one knows,
to accept as ignorance,
what one does not know,
this is knowledge.”
Konfucius LY 2, 17

“For enlightenment nothing else is needed than freedom,
namely the most harmless amongst all
what may be called freedom,
namely this one:
to make public use of one’s reason
in all aspects.”

why?. because I Am that I am and as I am.. I love life!

“Who does not dare
to go beyond reality,
will never conquer truth.”

“Whom the Gods love,
him they lead to the place
where he is needed.”

I am a messenger with a message for all true follower's of heart

“Experience remains the master of life.”

what I have come to experience in life. the journey I have taken in order to share with the world the divine plan/mesg I have received at one point rocked me to the very core of my existence. but in order to find some of the answers we seek I had to take that journey within myself. and no amount of black and white knowledge ascertained and utilized by bishop pat for the master of Gnosticism course it did not help. a very thorough course but when my very being of consciousness came to ascend to a level of consciousness where I now know the second coming of Christ is upon us. it was my heart that decided this not scripted materials or gadgets of a website or an attunement etc it was my consciousness together with a heart-felt feeling..

“On the path to discovery, the intellect has little to do.
There is a leap in consciousness,
call it intuition or whatever you like,
and the solution comes to you,
and you do not know how and why.”
Albert Einstein


“The really important things

are learned in a different way
than through words.”

“Who wants to partake of
the revelation of universality,
should grasp nothing through understanding,
but should experience inside
and come into a specific psychological state -
provided he is capable of it.”

so now you see how I know in my heart and the message I bring to the world that the embodiment of the Christ consciousness is walking talking and successfully walking his path of a Christ since 1991. his name is Vissarion translated means bringer of new life just like Jeshua translated meant salvation and he is re writing the history books for the next 2000 years. with 10 new gospels already completed called the last testament.

He claims to be here to unite all religions and seems to be successfully doing so and he even oversees get this. The promised land.


a man is here again for us. and claims he's Christ. he believes this and where that course of belief has lead him.. well is outstanding for any man to attempt

I have shared the teachings of the ancient Essenes with you Amy and now the heralded by as many as 50,000 followers across the globe already.. and to them. Vissarion is the embodiment of Christ.

My closing thoughts and a gift to you:
Gnosticism of the light and to the light 1 shall return.


To all who have ears let them hear; there is light within a man of light and he lights up the whole world for if he does not shine then he is in darkness. (Gospel of Thomas)

my greatest discovery in my life is that we live in a loving universe. (Albert Einstein).

my greatest gift of discovery in my life Amy that 1 can share with all is that I to have come to know we live in a loving universe. (Rev Dr Gregory Alexander D.D)  

Rev Dr Gregory Knapper Alexander D.D 

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