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Lesson 15 ~ Comparative Religion ~ Sacred Literature ~ Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman

 The sacred literature that most "moves" me, I would have to say is "The Lord Is My Shephard"….it is so profound and deep in its meaning.  If one actually studies the words of this prayer you cannot help but being moved bot spiritually and educationally.  I think I learn something different every time I read it or in meditation just simply close my eyes and recite it silently to myself.  It is part of my religion's sacred text which is, in my case the Holy Bible.  Psalm: 23 in the Old Testament.

I think my favorite oral traditional story would be that of David and Goliath.  It wasn't that David slain this massive warrior and how he did it, but the message that David sent to all those watching was certainly memorable.  My interpretation of the message was that in life no matter what the odds are there is always a means to overcome them and maybe with your unwavering faith and a simple nudge from your God all can be accomplished.  GO IN PEACE

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