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Lesson 3 ~ Comparative Religion ~ Interfaith Part I & II ~ Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman


 "Where is the line drawn between the separation of church and state." Another way of wording it might be: "Is it appropriate for religious leaders to take political action publicly."  I have often thought about this very controversial subject especially when you see some very vocal ministers loudly expressing themselves through the media.  Many times I wonder is this what He would approve?  Is this the way He would want us to preach the word?  The thought of militantly expressing their views in the name of the church to me is not acceptable.  I believe a minister can get his word and beliefs out to the community without being a radical activist.  I believe the clergy should remain as men of God and not interfere within the political realm.  Absolutely, I strongly believe the clergy has a place within the penal system, performing last rites at the hour of death or other sacramental duties.  But, to actively go out into the public and clash against authority in an outrageous manner, this I do not believe is acceptable.  I believe you can make your convictions strong in the proper places like your pulpit.  You don't have to summon the devil, he will seek you out. 
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