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Master of Comparative Religion


This is a sample of the comparative religion course from the Universal Life Church. Our online seminary program offers courses in a variety of subjects. This ULC course on Comparative Religion is a college-level course in which you will learn an amazing amount about religion.

"This is one of the best courses I've taken on this subject, by email OR in any classroom!"

--Irith Bloom

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To order this course, go to: Comparative Religion

Comparative Religion
Discourse #1
Comparative Religion

This is the overview of the Comparative Religion 1 Course.  After ordering this course, you will receive an email in your mail box containing this week's work. 

For a sample of this course, go to Comparative Religion Sample

Discourse 1 Index: 1. What to expect from this course and its objectives A. Comparative Religion, A Core Course for ULC Ministers B. What others have gained from this course C. Information about the developer of the course, Rev. Kythera Ann 2. Overview of course 3. Recommended resources 4. Religion vs. theology vs. philosophy: differences and similarities 5. Definitions of G d1 6. Sacred texts/language, what qualifies it as “sacred”? 7. Recommended activities for the week

  What to Expect from this Course and its Objectives

Comparative Religion, A Core Course for ULC Ministers Course created by Rev. Kythera Ann

            Why comparative religion?  A firm grounding in comparative religion allows an individual to perceive the truth that is within all traditions.  As ministers, we need to respond to those we are called to serve.  Individuals come to us from many walks of life, many cultures and religious backgrounds.  It is important that we have a framework and information to draw upon so that we can be of the most help.  We need to communicate with those who come to us for guidance within a context they can understand.  We, as human beings, have a tendency to address everything from our own perspective and assume that those we talk to understand our words as we mean them.  We all have had experiences where this has backfired.  It is imperative that as ministers, we make every effort to communicate from the perspective of those we serve.  This requires us to stretch and become more holistic in our approach and dissemination of “The Word.”  For example, we may personally feel more comfortable and natural speaking in terms of “angels”; it is not so difficult to learn to use the word “dakini” with those from Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist backgrounds.

            We also, as ministers, need to serve all ages.  How we put things to a five-year-old is just as important as how we communicate with an adult.  We need to develop techniques that inspire and expand the minds and hearts of children and adults.  It is a wise minister who ensures a holistic approach, culturally and religiously, in all of their activities.  In this way do we serve the broadest spectrum of humanity…touch the most hearts…and do our part in eliminating the prejudices and bigotry that come from limited understanding.

            ULC is offering this comparative religion course.  It is informational and experiential.  Techniques are offered on methods of teaching World Religions to children as well as adults.  The course examines the predominant religions of both East and West.  To do this correctly, the history of what are considered “dead” religions (such as Egyptian and Greek) will be explored to better understand where current beliefs come from and how cultures influence the forming of religions.  Other, less dominant belief systems, such as Native American and Wicca, will also be touched upon.  Similarities of theology cloaked in different symbolism will be considered as well as the differences.  Participants will not only learn about Eastern and Western religious thought, but also have opportunities to access an existential sense of what it is like to see and feel from various traditions.  By completing this course, participants will develop a global perspective and broaden their own horizons of self-understanding, as well as receive a Masters degree in Comparative Religions

What Others Have Gained from this Course

“What a joy to be in Kythera’s class.  Not only was my knowledge of religion enhanced, my inner light was brightened by being part of her class.”

Rev. Sandy ClarkPresident of UCM

“A real eye-opener.  This course should be mandatory for citizenship on this planet.  Without understanding, there can be no acceptance:  without acceptance we cannot see God in ourselves, let alone each other.”

Michael Adler Healer

“What I learned is that we are basically coming from the same place, and how individuals utilize their free will to interpret God, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  I felt great with the Rabbi…loved the Burmese Buddhist Monastery…I found that I could recognize Spirit in all traditions.”

Helen BradleyRetired

“I believe knowledge about other traditions and connecting with people who approach Spirit in different ways, has enhanced and strengthened my own walk, and will do the same for others. “ Father Lance GrungéPriest-Federation of Liberal and Orthodox Catholic Bishops

Reverend Kythera Ann

Rev Kythera Ann      Reverend Kythera Ann is a well-known lecturer and writer throughout the United States, currently residing in North Carolina.  She has many years of study in the original Aramaic and Hebrew tongues, a degree in History and Education with extensive studies in Theology, Philosophy and Esoteric Western Traditions.  Her published books and chant tapes on the usage of sound from a western perspective have had wide acclaim throughout the world.  For more information about her, visit her website.

"...she has continually impressed me with her tenacity to the "truth." She's positive, uplifting..."

Reverend Michael Thompson- Santa Cruz Church of the Holy Spirit

 "Kythera Ann...instills a deep sense of dedication and a high quality of service. We recommend Kythera's teaching abilities and high business ethics to present seminars and training programs."

Dr. J.J. Hurtak - The Academy for Future Science

"Since I am a Tibetan Buddhist monk, it always amazes me how Kythera's experiences and teachings parallel the explanations given to such subjects through Dzogchen meditation. She is a true Tara and proves that the mystic's experience is true in all traditions...thus proving the universal reality that is shared on all dimensions."

Douglas Brodley-Tibetan Buddhist Monk- The Vajrayana Foundation


Overview of Course

      This course consists of weekly packets.  In each packet you will find information to study.  As with any course, the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  Each packet will also provide suggested reading, websites to explore, and activities for you to do.  It is highly recommended that you do as much of the “suggested” course material as possible.  This will allow you to have a far more interesting and experiential journey throughout the course.  There are no graded “tests” per se, but Kythera Ann will occasionally supply quizzes or other activities encouraging you to think and remember.      It is not part of the scope of the ULC course to offer individual tutoring/counseling or answer questions, but Rev. Kythera Ann can be contacted apart from this venue.  You may then make separate arrangements with her so she may facilitate your specific needs. Kythera@angelic.com

Reminder: All material in this course is copyrighted.  You need specific permission from Rev. Kythera Ann to reproduce anything more than an occasional quote of three sentences or less.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Kythera@ulcseminary.org.  You can also post any questions or comments in the forum at www.ulcseminary.org/forum.
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