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History of Christianity - Lesson 11

Don Noenoehitoe

How was Christianity's favorable relationship with the state from the time of Constantine both a blessing and a curse?

It was a blessing because Constantine had favored the church: Edict of Milan, 313 AD.
The church obtained recognition and financial favors, elevated status, protection and respect from their pagan counterparts.
But in return, the state had more say in the church theology and ecclesiastical matters, e.g., the persecutions of the pagans and non-Christians.

2. Were the barbarians the foundation for subsequent Western European civilization only because of their conversion to Christianity? Why or Why not?

Whether it was genuine or politically driven conversion to Christianity, the Barbarians played important roles in spreading Christianity within
the Western European hemisphere; they immersed their old ways and customs toward the newly found belief, in which the church were later predisposed with and injected with Paganism.

3. After Christianity came to Ireland, how did they maintain the light of culture during the Dark Ages?

 Patrick (AD 389 - AD 461) was a gifted organizer; he organized and founded Christianity in Ireland, in which made Ireland - despite the shadows
of Druid religion - the epicenter of Celtic Christians missionary. The Scots followed Patrick's patronage. These will lead to the penultimate rivalry with the Roman Christians toward England: The Anglo-Saxons.


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