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Master of Ancient Christian History
Lesson 2
The Rock of Christianity

How do we know that Jesus Christ is a historical person and what are the historical evidences?

We have the biblical records, but these can be pushed aside as just propaganda about Jesus Christ.  What does prove that he was a historical person are the accounts written about him from the historians of the time who were pagans.  Also the writings of Flavius Josephus (a Jew) did not believe in Christianity but did believe that Jesus was a wise man.

I have been fortunate to see firsthand the "catacomb graffiti".  One man's grave reinforced my belief in Christ.  It was dated to the 1st century A.D.  He had artist of the time paint his interpretation of what he believed what Jesus look like.

What makes the personality and character of Jesus Christ special?

Jesus Christ was genuineness with a well balanced personality.  Even through his ministry was submissive; Jesus was always himself and feared no man.

How does Christ's person and work constitute the beginning of Christianity?

Jesus worked very hard for three years with his peaceful ministry.  He had selected his 12 apostles to teach them on his journey.  After his death at the hands of the Romans, the apostles carried the word of Jesus throughout the known world.

Rev. Jim

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