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Jim Alaimo

Master of Christian History
Lesson 1

How did the Roman Empire help Christianity spread throughout the Mediterranean world of the 1st century A.D.?
In a single word "roads".  These Roman built roadways were the high-tech freeway system of the day.  Not only could the Roman Army move easily over these, but, it made it easy for trade and travelers to go great distances throughout he empire.

What the effects of the Greek language and philosophy upon the rise of Christianity?
My cousin from Italy put this question about language in context for me.  She said that English is the language of the business world.  Just like today Greek was the common language use as for trade and negotiations between kingdoms. 

Greek philosophy had influenced the world before this time.  The Romans copied the Greek deities only changing their names.  By the time of Christ the people looking for something more than a philosophy of self-centered earthly spiritual culture.   Using the Greek written and spoken language the followers of Christ were able to spread the word of Christianity throughout the known world.

 In what way did the Jews and Judaism impact the birth of Christianity?

Through the Old Testament Judaism gave Christ and the Apostles the foundation for Christianity.   Through the use of the synagogue, the Christianity got a foot hold with their teachings.

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