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Lesson 14 masters of Christian history

A wish to be detached from the realities of the real world ie the events that are occurring to a life of solitude and sanctuary so as too assist ones soul in the after life .that is to say when turmoil is occurring people will look to faith for protection and for prayer .
Monastiscm in the east and west varied on several points firstly the west possibly due to climate was more regimented with persons being allocated tasks such as fishing farming baking rising at set times and prayers set to time while in the east the norm was to be an hermit with unusual trends such as Simon the Stylite who was buried to the neck when this failed he sat on a column for thirty years, another wondered naked around a city for fifty years.
The contributions of monasticism varied they became experimental farmers by cleaning rivers of drainage created farming methods such as rotation of crops and kept literature alive along with scholarships by training people to read and write in the monastery they also copied manuscripts so as to preserve teachings and became hospitals for the sick.

Lesson 15 master of Christian religion

          Roman bishops became powerful when Leo 1 came to power as pope he started to use his influence over all other bishops claiming Rome was first amongst equals when Constantine (emperor) moved the imperial capital to Constantinople this left the roman bishop as the strongest person in doctrine .
          Due to the number of mass conversions from the barbarians church law was to be enforced via the state as the church was deemed week Sunday became a major day in the calendar of the church as a day of prayer and reflection.  The number of sacraments / ceremonies increased such as marriage was deemed as a means of grace along with baptism on infants and confirmation.
            Using images as a means of assisting the illiterate barbarians through prayers became more common-placed.
          When the above are looked at this was the founding of the medieval church forming a uniformity in ritual / ceremony which then became tradition the practices are still used in the modern church today Sunday service weddings etc .

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