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            How does Christ's person and work constitute the beginning of Christianity.
            Jesus was an extraordinary person he was able too reason at an early age which is shown via his observation skills .it was not until after he was Baptized by his cousin John the Baptist that his skills came to the attention of the public ,the way he embraced mans laws and added his own which was to go one step forward as oppose to being negative.  His positive skills and the manner he expressed himself caused a large following he was able to speak so even the uneducated could follow his beliefs even by treating none Jews as equals in his ministry would have been a first a religion that embraced all regardless of gender and race would have been so advanced for his generation it must have scared the elders and also the Roman army.

            Despite the above Jesus was still able to teach his followers the disciples even though he had visitors who wished to hear him speak or heal them ,most religions or cults would have turned people away while the Teacher was training his followers this more so made Jesus and his teachings unique.

            When Jesus was crucified some followers would have fell by the wayside as their leader or rabbi had left them it must have seemed the end of everything dear ,but the resurrection secured Christianity because he was seen to have spoken to numerous persons complete with the wounds he was given from the crucifixion and from the spear this then caused the following to strengthen not only was this event the foundation it was the foundation stone with all men being the children of god.

            Jesus as the rock and Christianity as its foundation created the biggest religion which was global in its teachings and beliefs.

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