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Master of Chaplaincy Studies Lesson 17


List the ways you are held accountable and write a brief description. Do you have a mentor? If not, what is your plan to find and establish a mentoring relationship? If you do, write a brief description and the blessings you have received from it.

As the chaplain for my chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Assoc.,  I am held accountable on several levels.  First, and foremost, I believe I am held accountable to God.  For me to be an effective Chaplain, I realize I must walk in His pathway and be an example of the way He wants us to live.  Secondly, I am held accountable by our Area Representative.  He is frequently present at our meetings and gives positive and constructive input to ensure I am following the guidelines as set forth by the International Organization.  Thirdly, I am held accountable my my chapter in that I am required to give monthly reports as to how my duties are being followed.  These reports are included in the minutes of the meeting and available to all to review.
I do have a mentor....the former chaplain of our chapter is a very strong, encouraging and enlightening mentor.  Often, we discuss together my duties and how to best approach them....We pray together and for each other and together we carry out the chapter Bible study.  He is a true blessing because he teaches and models so much for me both as a mentor and as a person.
May God Bless you.....
Luke 14:23
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