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    My name is Pamela Bagot-Beasley. I am new to the Chaplaincy Course.
I had a Spiritual teacher some years back who had a Divine Mark, actually I have been fortunate to have had a number of Teachers who have a Divine Mark.
This particular teacher, Charlie Lutes, was a man given to service very early in life. When he walked into a room silence pervade that room and everyone hushed.
    It was this same man who years after I had met he and his wife(whom also was deeply Spiritual) , Charlie told his right hand man that I was deeply Spiritual and highly attuned to higher worldly communication.
    My calling has always been to be in service to all my people, meaning all forms of life. I have been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for 34+ years. I am a Reiki master Teacher. i have spent the last 25 years spiritually mentoring/guiding my clients. I am presently also a Wilderness Guide centered around sacred Native American ceremonies. I co-owned and operated an advance life support ambulance service years ago and found myself ministering daily to the patients. I am feeling called to work in Hospice to assist people in a graceful transition.
    I have always been a compassionate listener and guide. It is my nature.
            I look forward to further enlarging my capacity to be of assistance to others.
Lesson #3
    Strengths and Weaknesses
 I have been an excellent listener for all my life. i love to listen to others even beyond their words.  People have always told me that they feel safe with me because I do not judge them and am able to guide them to look at their choices and maybe choose another way with less suffering.
 I am an observer by nature. Noticing and aware of body language and communication in ways other than words.
 In group gatherings I am often called upon to offer a prayer and I feel Creator/God's presence as the words coming from my mouth.  I am very familiar to prayer as a form of deep communication.
  In terms of areas I might improve upon would be my familiarity with the Bible. i have not had much personal engagement with it. I have purchased a bible and am beginning to read it with a desire to be open to any wisdom that it might offer me to assist others.
I am non-denominational, no particular religion. i was raised on Air Force bases which by the way was my first exposure to Chaplains. Chaplains were or main and sometimes only Spiritual Guide. So our church services were fairly non denominational also. i am comfortable in most settings Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Native American.  I love ceremony that is to invoke the Divine nature of God/Creator.
  I do not see myself involved with a church but rather offering assistance on the reservations, in hospitals etc.
          Thank you for your time,
               blessings, Pamela
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