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Chaplaincy Course Essay


Where to begin? This course has become even more profound for me now that it has ended.
I realize I am just beginning this path of a more structured Spiritual Mentor/Teacher/Counselor/ and friend. And that is just touching on a few areas opening up.

From an early age my life was geared towards Spiritual Matters. Often being the peacekeeper in family and other matters. I had a knowing, an intuitive seeing of the needs of others. In my early 20’s I became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation(TM) and moved to live in a community of people that practiced TM. My life at this point became centered in Spiritual matters more than worldly ones. My spiritual experiences deepened as did my study of spiritual matters. I have meditated  at least twice a day for over 39 years. 
 Within 9 years of beginning TM I became a Spiritual Mentor/Advisor to others. Offering prayers, counseling, compassion and comfort.  My role as a Mentor has been a part of my life for over 26 years.
One of the first things I learned in that role was the importance of  integrity. I learned that for others to trust me I had to be impeccable in my own word. My integrity had to be unwavering and then the trust followed naturally. I became accountable to anyone I worked with because I saw the results in my work with them. My life became an open book in many ways and I saw how comforting that was to people.
One of my next big lessons was with burn out. If I did not take care of my own well-being I could not care for anyone else. I was a single mother raising a beautiful son and it always showed up there first, any imbalance. If I got off my routine I got burned out easily and that made life at home harder. I learned over and over again how important it is to stay balanced and have a healthy routine.
 I am seeing how setting  up a schedule with flexibility that allows for those non scheduled people to get the help they need.  Especially working in hospice situations life does not always follow a linear schedule.  It is important to take regular times of renewal and rejuvenation which I find invaluably addressed by my daily meditation.
I am also a Wilderness Guide and find that to be a special ceremony in its own right. People come to the wilderness to leave behind their cares and worries and to be renewed in Spirit. We teach them to create  their own prayers and ceremony as they are out in the Wilderness on their own. It is amazing to see how they have changed with just that short time with Creator/God/Spirit. They experience directly the value of having their own personal relationship with God and how effortless it is. 
The Spiritual side of life is more familiar and comfortable to me than the everyday busy world of schedules and meetings and day-timers and paperwork.
I can offer a prayer/blessing in the blink of an eye but flounder hopelessly when it comes to computer problems , technology set up appointments etc.
I am very grateful for ULC and this course Master of the Chaplaincy Studies that has now led me directly to the Chaplaincy program. I am grateful for all that I learned and renewed in this course and I am eager for the growth that will come by following the entire Program, thank you.
I learned or rather confirmed that this is indeed the Path I am meant to follow. I am here to be of greater service to all people through the loving light of Divine Spirit, Creator.
I also learned that there are a lot of specifics to attend to that will allow the service part to flow more effortlessly.I look forward to becoming more prepared to be of service in any situation that might arise.
Some of those things being; tools of the trade, learning to listen, which is one of my gifts and I can always go deeper in my listening and learn as I listen. Being present to the person or people I am ministering to by knowing how to address their concerns even if it be to refer them to someone else. 
I love the ease and openness of how this course flows. You can go week by week with each lesson or take more time if your life is too busy to do weekly. Going at ones own pace has many advantages, I feel. 
I have always experienced repetition as a very positive and even powerful teaching tool, and found this to be helpful in this course.
I believe as I identify and align with the institution that  I will minister to primarily, many of the logical things will be answered, such as scheduling and finances and proper Chaplain attire and appropriate ceremonies to name a few. 
I imagine that as I move further into the Chaplain Program that more questions and answers will arise and I am eager for that. I feel open to learning and growing. I recognize that the very act of signing up for the Chaplain Program will bring up instances to grow in .  I am committed to traveling this road with grace and ease and devotion.  
I look forward to opportunites to serve in a greater way than I do presently and am thankful that my life was destined to be in service from the beginning. I appreciate the structure and offerings of the ULC Seminary and feel confident I will be more prepared once I have completed the Chaplain Program and done more volunteer work in Hospice particularly.
Thank you to those at ULC for your commitment to serve in this way. Thank you for your offering of these courses that will touch the lives of so many people as those of us that partake of these courses go out to minister to many others. The ripple effect is unlimited. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Reverand Pamela S Bagot-Beasley



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