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Master of Buddhism

Lesson 6 – Meditation




1.      What do you think is the ultimate goal of meditation? Is it enlightenment, or something more personal? I think the ultimate goal of meditation is to expand our consciousness to the highest level. Enlightenment is gained as the reality or truth of our existence is realized. It is very personal. 


2.      What are some of the misconceptions westerners might have about meditation? Some misconceptions westerners might have about meditation is that it is only used to reduce stress or that it takes years of practice to gain any benefits. 


3.      Practice mindfulness. Begin by mindfully eating a piece of fruit (or candy if you like). Try to begin incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. It was a very interesting to practice mindfulness. I did so by mindfully eating a pear.  By concentrating solely on the pear, it slowed my mind plus enhanced my senses of the fruit; how it smelled, the texture of the skin, the flesh as I bit into it and chewed it, how it felt to swallow it, feeling it go down my throat into my stomach, how my stomach felt. This kept my mind from wandering to events that were going on around me. 




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