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Master of Buddhism

Lesson 7 – Birth and Death




1.      Buddhists believe that death is a teacher. Would you agree?  Yes, death teaches you that you are not in control of your life.  That death comes to everyone and comes when you are supposed to die not when you want to die.


2.      What are the advantages or benefits of meditating on one's own death? Are there disadvantages? The benefits of meditating on one's own death would be to get your body prepared for it, so that you are not stressed or afraid of it when it comes.  Disadvantages of meditating on one's own death may be seeing the beauty of dying and wanting it to come earlier than it is supposed to occur and possibly creating events that puts yourself in harms way.


3.      Which do you think is the more important question: What happens when I die or what is happening now? Between the two questions, I think what is happening now is more important.  You should concentrate on ways to make a positive impact on the life of others.




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