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Lesson 1 ~ Spiritual Development ~ Life with Clarity and Purpose ~ Essay

By: Rev. Trent Murman, OSM, OSF


Clearly identify what you want, so you can go after it with clarity; access internal resources, and inquire of the part of you which already knows. My ultimate purpose in life is to work with active duty and discharged veterans from any war or engagement to return to civilian life or continue with his/her active duty duties in a safe and holistic minded intentions.  Marshal the Content, Focus, and Direction of your thoughts so you can unfold to your identified purpose.   My thoughts at this time are definitely in the completion of the Chaplaincy Program at the seminary.  So far all my energies are focused in that direction.Maintain the intentional and internal resources needed to stay the course, and fulfill your own personal Higher Purpose.   I keep constantly reminding myself of the need to stay on course and complete the necessary requirements to accomplish this goal.  Since the want to work with our heroes is so great in my mind, I am sure this will not be difficult for me to follow. 

Go In Peace

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