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Homework and Essays - Gospels
The Spread of the Gospels to the Jews
Lesson 3


Why was the Christian message given first tot the Jews?

Jesus preached the word of the Gospel to the Jews first because he wanted them to embrace the good news.
What was the nature of the Jerusalem Church and at what point did the Jerusalem Church begin to lose its prominence?
The Council of Jerusalem made a decision not to bind Gentile Christians to ceremonial law of Judaism.  This freed Gentiles churches from Jewish control.

How does the spread of the Christian message in Judea and Samaria and ultimately to the Gentiles illustrate the fact that Christianity is oriented toward missions?

The Jewish revolt against the Romans helped spread the word of Christianity, because they fled from Jerusalem.   The Apostles spread the word to Samaria to Gaza and beyond.   Philip baptized a high official of Ethiopian government and Peter baptized a Roman Centurion.

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