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Christian Ethics Lessons 13 & 14 Test 7
1.           Sex impulse is a biological impulse designed for procreating and essential to it, without which life in any form could not be perpetuated.
2.           Jesus did not advocate celibacy as a higher state than marriage.
3.           The family to Jesus was a holy relationship, marriage a holy bond not lightly to be broken.
4.           Anthropologists believe that monogamy rather than promiscuity is characteristic of primitive societies.
5.           Protestant communions do not hold marriage as a sacrament in the same way as baptism or the Lord's Supper but it is still a sacred act.
6.           Unless one is prepared to pledge permanent fidelity at all times, then he should not marry, agape love being the only thing that makes this possible. TRUE
7.           In modern marriage services, the wife promises to love, comfort, honour and keep the other.
8.           Sex relationship is for marriage and marriage only as instituted by God – otherwise it is a sacrilege.
9.           Divorce is unjustifiable when PERMANENCE is not intended in the first place.
10.       Only when marriage sacredness has been irrevocably shattered should DIVORCE be contemplated.

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