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Christian Ethics – Lessons 1 & 2  Homework questions
1.           Christian Ethics is a proper study of Jesus' life and teaching, and the knowledge gained applied to personal and social problems as they arise in day to day life.
2. Agape love is the love that transcends all, and is given willingly and completely by a person to another without thought of anything in return.
3.           Christendom means those areas and countries of the world which have accepted the Christian ideal and accepted its influence.
4.           The Church, provided it is faithful to its mission of preaching the Gospel and is a fellowship of those trying to follow the teachings of Christ, should be more aware of what is right more than the society surrounding it. This enables it to proclaim  the principles of Christian morality.
5.           The Bible is the fountainhead of Christian theology.
6.           The Old Testament should provide us with guidance on how to proceed in ethical situations, but should be taken in conjunction with the New Testament and Jesus; moral insights as provided therein.
7.           The New Testament gives us the historical revelation of God in Christ.
8.           True.
10.  As defined in Lesson 2, Christian Ethics is the study of the way of life set out by Jesus Christ and applied to the demands and decisions of our own personal and social lives.

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