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Starting your own Universal Life ChurchHOW DO I ORDAIN OTHERS? : I know that many people have asked me how they can ordain people on their own sites. They are ULC Ministers wanting to help people become ordained. Using this form, they can do just that.
You can order your legal credential from the ULC Seminary store.RE-ORDINATION: Welcome! This is a page for those who have been ordained before, but want to re-new your dedication or commitment to the ministry. Or if you're not sure that you're ordained and want to confirm it just in case.
HOWULC - Universal Life Church & Online Seminary DO I GET ORDAINED?: On this page, you can fill out the ordination form to become an ordained minister. Fill out the form completely and correctly and your ordination will be promptly recorded at headquarters in Modesto, CA, as well as in the Seminary database. ULC Seminary PresidentABOUT US: If you'd like to learn more about the Universal Life Church Seminary, how we started, where we came from and what we're about, please read up on our about us page to get all the details. For information about the split between the various ULC's, go to Split in ULC.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationWelcome to the online ordination page of the Universal Life Church Seminary. By filling out the Ordination Application (down below), you are taking the big step of becoming a legally ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. There are many opportunities available to you, being a minister, if you choose to exercise them. The most common one is to perform weddings for friends, loved ones, and people who have need for a wedding minister. To clarify the legal aspects of this in your state or province, view the FAQ page on the site.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationPeople generally become ordained for three reasons:

  • To perform the legal function of officiating at someone's wedding,
  • To further their own spiritual or religious goals or,
  • They think it would be funny.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationWe hope that you will take your ordination seriously, as it is a serious rite. We believe strongly on doing what's right. Here is another website we value whose sole purpose is to Do No Harm.

There is much talk about the term 'Instant Online Ordination.' Technically, your ordination is not happening online, nor is it instant. The internet is merely a conduit for your application for ordination through the Universal Life Church. When you complete this form, your request for ordination is sent to headquarters in Modesto, CA to be processed and recorded by hand. It is at this time that you will officially become a minister. Congratulations and welcome!

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationBefore proceeding with your information, please make sure you have complied with the following instructions:

   ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline Ordination• Please put your full legal name for the ordination so it can be filed correctly. No Nicknames. An obvious nickname will just be deleted, as will the names of any fictitious or public figures.

If your name or address is incomplete,  your ordination will be discarded.


  • If you ordain someone else, get that person's express permission first
  • Please check for correct spelling and capitalization and that the email address is correct
  • If your name or address contains characters not found in the American English alphabet, please approximate a substitution.  Accent marks, tildes, umlauts etc, will get corrupted in the submission process.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationUpon becoming a new minister, you will begin to receive our free monthly newsletter, containing useful ministerial information, monthly specials, and a free ceremony samples. You will also be sent special announcements, breaking news about the ULC and much more.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationWithin 1-3 business days after your application, you will receive an email message.  Please save this email, as it will include your date of ordination, and can be used to help locate your record later, such as in the rare case of a clerical error made when manually entering your ordination into the church records.   Understand that this is a real ordination, not an "online" ordination or a novelty.  To do it properly and legally takes time.  A computer cannot ordain you.  If you have followed the instructions and have not submitted a fake name, fake address, or incomplete application, it will be approved, but it must first be reviewed by members of the pastoral staff.  That is what makes it legit, so it's worth the wait!


Your ordination is for life. You are still ordained whether you have moved, married or lost your credential. If any of these are the case, contact amy@ulcseminary.org to update your information and to find out how to get a new credential.

Also, and this is essential, please be sure your Javascript is enabled to ensure that your address will be properly recorded. We are having problems with browsers reading the complete addresses if Java is disabled.

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